Purposity launches on App Store & Google Play; featured in Forbes

May 10, 2019

Purposity is a tool that finds those in need near you. Get one weekly notification, read their story, and decide if you’ll help right from your phone. 

If you knew a kid down the street had a simple need – say she needed sneakers for school – chances are you’d help, right? But, it’s hard to know the needs of people in your community because there’s never been a way to connect people who could use help with people who want to offer it. Enter a new app hitting the United States this November: Purposity. Its name comes from combining the words ‘purpose + generosity,’ and it’s designed to connect the individual needs of people near you in your neighborhood, community or city.

“We live in an age when we can make a doctor’s appointment right from our phone,” said founder Blake Canterbury, adding, “but we have no way of knowing if the family down the street has food on its table or if their children have shoes on their feet.” Purposity looks to bridge that gap locally. His vision for Purposity is to connect people to doing good the way Facebook connects us to friends and Google connects us to information - and to inspire the next generation to live generously and find purpose.

Canterbury, a 34-year-old Millennial from Atlanta, believes the app is a new way to invite people to engage with their neighbors, directly meeting their most pressing needs, and ultimately building better and stronger communities. “We’re creating a movement for good and a completely new model of living, starting at the hyperlocal level. By supporting the systems of well-established nonprofits, engaging neighbors to join us, real change can occur in communities with better long-term solutions for all.”

Purposity is a not-for-profit app that connects the physical needs of people, vetted through established local nonprofits, with locals who want to help through just a few clicks. The app supports the work of local schools and nonprofits, enabling them to quickly and easily meet the needs of their students and clients.

Read the rest of the article in Forbes.

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

“We’re creating a movement for good and a completely new model of living, starting at the hyperlocal level.”

Blake Canterbury
Founder & CEO, Purposity

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