a creative network
advancing the common good

Established by a group of friends in 2010, Whiteboard has always been a community of many skills and talents.

Over the years we’ve partnered with hundreds of freelancers, agencies, investors, production companies, and creatives to bring purpose-driven ideas to life. We believe unity and diversity in our skillsets and talents empower our best work.

We work in an industry that celebrates unbridled creativity and innovation—but the creative economy has changed. Creative agencies are notorious for burnout, anxiety, egos, and what we at Whiteboard often call “creative prostitution”—the idolization of new ideas and technology over the real impact on the people they’re influencing. In a cultural moment rife with vanity, pride, and distraction, we believe creatives should work to restore dignity, personhood, and meaning to the lives of our customers, the members of our team, our partners, and our community.

Our creative network is purposed to foster exactly that through collaboration and community across multiple disciplines. We collaborate with creatives who desire autonomy and purpose-driven work. If you love work that makes a positive impact on the world—we invite you to join us.

A group of creatives looking at a smart screen together

“At Whiteboard, we aim to leverage creativity and technology to accomplish the mission of others. This creative community was born out of a desire to bring craftspeople that deeply care about doing work that matters, together.”

Eric Brown
Co-founder, Whiteboard

Teams we've collaborated with

Superpowers we’re looking for

Brand Strategists

You love using your superpower to connect mission, vision, and core values to creative prompts that invite target audiences to participate.


You love using your superpower to push pixels that aim to convert hearts and minds to new thoughts, new faith, and new horizons.


You love using your superpower to leverage technology to accomplish great vision.


You love using the power of words and the Oxford comma to shape narratives that audiences resonate with and calls them to action.

Marketing Specialists

You love using your superpower to make ideas move across a variety of digital mediums in a multitude of formats.

Purpose-Driven Agencies

Your team desires to use its range of superpowers alongside other co-laborers who share a passion to create work that matters.

What you can expect

Purpose-Driven Work

You love work that pushes past economics and serves as a force for good.

Passionate Community

You want to serve alongside people who love what they do (and have fun doing it).

On-Time Payments

Enough said.


You desire freedom and flexibility in your work schedule and we're here to advocate for that cause.

Access to Whiteboard HQ

You're invited anytime to experience Chattanooga, Tennessee and work from our headquarters.

Annual Retreat

A celebration of our people, work, and impact in the world.

“The team at Whiteboard treats me like family. For many years now we’ve collaborated together on dozens of projects. They value my craft, ideas, and time—and they’re a lot of fun to work with too.”

Shammer Diaz

If you love work that makes a positive impact on the world—we invite you to join us.