Design the world that ought to be.

A whiteboard is a canvas of what could be. A place to translate dreams into reality. They remind us that plans can be made, erased, and tried again. Whiteboards are tools that help us discover the next step.

Since 2010, Whiteboard has served more than 300 organizations around the globe. Our work has been seen by millions of people, referenced by President Barack Obama, and contributed to over one billion dollars pledged to organizations and causes. Our team has contributed to new internet design trends and we've won some major industry awards, but our first love has always been to serving visionaries that see redemption in their work.

The people we serve share a common virtue: courage.

Courage to try something new. Take a risk. Step into unexplored territory. Their courage inspires us. The leaders we serve—and the problems they work tirelessly to solve—are the reasons we care deeply about our work.

Whether we’re helping you build a digital-first brand, create and launch an innovative app or website, develop and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, or explore the frontiers of artificial intelligence and beyond, we work closely with our clients and become a core part of your team.

We believe technology can be a force for good rather than a source of darkness, noise, and distraction. Our goal is to help you create digital environments that make your audience feel more human, not less.

Our hope is to serve as your greatest advocate; empowering you to lead your organization well so the culture you create helps the world become a little bit better every single day.

By definition, an “agent” is “a person who acts on behalf of another person or group.” We find our purpose in the middle of that definition—on behalf of—and we engage that posture every day.

“Whiteboards are probably the most important piece of hardware a startup has. The whiteboard is where business plans are made, UI designs are sketched, and system architecture is plotted.”

Jake Knapp
author of New York Times Best Seller “Sprint”

Why Whiteboard?

“Whiteboard is a creative agency built on purpose and serves as a perfect match for companies that deal with a new generation of consumers that care about the world.”
Uli Becker
Former CEO, Reebok
“Agencies are a dime a dozen, but true agents are rare. Whiteboard is a team of true agents. They turned our roadblocks into an invitation to come alongside our team, find clarity, and help us move fast. When we needed it most, they have been an invaluable partner.”
Marija Zivanovic-Smith
SVP, Corporate Marketing, Communications & External Affairs, NCR
“...a gracious, astute and inventive shepherd who grasps your goals and cuts a path forward. Their team exemplifies customer-first service and are a complete joy to work with.”
Dave Curtis
Food for the Hungry
“As a non-profit, not many vendors truly understand our needs. Whiteboard “gets” us, and we feel like they are a part of our WinShape team and family!”
Lee Hogan
WinShape Foundation
“Whiteboard not only has the technical knowledge to guide us through building our vision, their ideology so closely aligns with ours that they have become a seamless extension of our team.”
Blake Canterbury
“ essential partner in our work to save lives in the world's most remote communities. They have ensured our digital presence reflects who we are, what we do, and where we're going next in a thoughtful and compelling way.”
Siobahn Kelley
Last Mile Health
“...the result exceeded my expectations, and the process was a real learning experience, with the Whiteboard team taking great care to make sure I was involved every step of the way.”
Leith Greenslade
“...they not only ‘do what it takes’ but they continually looks for doors they can open or ways they can serve you. So many agencies today seem to do what they want to do and when they want to do it. Whiteboard is in a class of their own!”
Jack Alexander
“Whiteboard is the rare company that can dream, design, and deliver an awe-inspiring experience and exceptional final product. They simply hit a grand slam in making the world come alive on the internet.”
Garrett Gravesen
Co-founder, Chick-fil-A Leader Academy
Our Leadership
Taylor Jones
Founder & CEO
Eric Brown
Co-founder & CCO
Josh Huggins
Savannah Wallace
Director, Digital Experiences
Peter Court
Director, Digital Products
Kody Dahl
Director, Design
Nick Blackmon
Director, Marketing
Matt Campbell
Engineer, Products
Luke Golden
Engineer, Products
Jacob Wuertz
Brett Bash
Engineer, Digital Projects
Grace Gorst
Jordan Epperson
Design, Digital Projects
Orienne Gage
José Ocando
Interactive Designer
We’re a remote team headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In a society that largely defines where you live based on where you get a job, our approach to living was quite the contrary. We fell in love with the personality and heartbeat of a city, and we created an opportunity in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Chattanooga has recently been spotlighted for the rebirth of its downtown and its communal admiration for entrepreneurs and creatives. It has made the long, recorded crawl from being criticized as one of the dirtiest cities in America to becoming the celebratory toast of influential publications: GOOD Magazine, the New York Times, Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal, and more.

We believe in Chattanooga and we are proud to call it "home."

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