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Mailchimp puts all your marketing needs in one place. We've used it since we started Whiteboard, and we leverage it to help our clients every day. In 2017, Whiteboard was selected to join Mailchimp’s inaugural Partner Lab which helped pave the way for their Partner Program.

From bootstrapped startups to Fortune 500s, our team has consulted with hundreds of organizations on how to enhance their digital marketing profile. We often get asked for recommendations regarding tools we love and for nearly a decade, Mailchimp has been one of our go-to solutions.

Mailchimp's robust digital marketing toolset is is powerful and easy to use (which is rare when talking about all-in-one marketing platforms).

One meaningful way our team leveraged Mailchimp was with our work for Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC), a global community of peacemakers. In 2016 the coalition focused its relief efforts on the refugee crisis in war-torn countries like Syria and Iraq. PLC connected with Whiteboard in search of a digital strategy to help them attract new donors and drive sustainable revenue through subscriptions.

Long story short, funds generated by Whiteboard’s work and Mailchimp’s tools — which also included some social media advertising on Facebook — were enough to provide care for 60,000-plus refugees.

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"Mailchimp is almost always our preferred email marketing solution. We weep a little on the inside when we have to use something else."

Nick Blackmon
Director of Marketing, Whiteboard
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