Kareem Manuel on the Power of We.

November 9, 2020

Kareem Manuel founded We. as a response to the polarization of the 2016 election. Since then, We. has become a brand people recognize as a source of hope amidst a culture divided. Not only does We. exist to promote openness, love, and acceptance of other people and their ideas, but it also provides an invitation to take action and serve others. Since We.'s inception the brand has been featured in GQ, Complex, WNBA, and more.

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‍What's the most meaningful story about how the We. brand has inspired someone?

There are so many. I just read an email from a young man, who is here under the Dream Act, explaining how he wears our shirt as a source of pride and family. We have people outfit their entire staff (from colleges, churches, hospitals, and more) in our gear and lead discussions on how togetherness can overcome challenges. We just got a story from a Spanish teacher in Florida near where the Parkland school shooting took place. They are using We. to help facilitate crisis discussions, building family togetherness as a part of the DNA of the school, and more. I wouldn’t begin to know how to start dealing with a tragedy like that, but We. still gets to be a part. That's really dope.

At the end of the day, what's your greatest hope for the We. brand?

That We. revolutionizes what a lifestyle brand can accomplish. I imagine a young person (or older person) who feels marginalized, trying to find an outlet for their hope and creativity, and thinking I should go work there. They are helping to shape the world. I want us to be fashion-forward but also positive forward. When there is a natural or unnatural disaster, the type of people that show up first have on We. and they know We. will support financially as well. I want us to be a global brand that supports the development of people as individuals and funds their business ideas, especially ones that help change their perceived position within the global community.

To learn more about We. visit their website and follow them on Instagram. Our team was introduced to We. in our work with Oust Labs, an end-to-end accelerator located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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