Former Catalyst Marketing Leader joins Whiteboard

October 9, 2019
September 1, 2019

Whiteboard recently added new leadership to its Marketing team: Grace Gorst. She will serve Whiteboard’s portfolio of marketing engagements, helping organizations of all shapes and sizes implement data-driven digital marketing strategies to grow brand equity and drive engagement.

Grace comes to Whiteboard following her role as Marketing Director at Catalyst, an organization that produces leadership conferences focused on a new generation of faith leaders. “After being on the client side, it was clear that Whiteboard has some of the most passionate and talented people there are. The culture of serving our community and beyond, through the work we know how to do well, is energizing and an honor to be a part of,“ she said. “There is always an encouragement to grow more, learn more, and serve more which allows me to become a better digital marketer, employee, and coworker.”

“I’m thrilled to have Grace join our team,” said Whiteboard’s co-founder, Eric Brown. “Her ability to understand our clients, their objectives, and implement a wide-range of disciplines on behalf of their goals gives our team depth. But her heart to serve others is her true differentiator.”

Grace continued: “It’s so exciting to get to work with clients like ours. They have a drive to improve their own organizations as well as the world around them. It’s special to be able to work with clients who are actively trying to be better, do better, and serve better. To be able to partner with clients and help them reach their full potential, and in turn help them work towards their mission, lets us be part of something bigger than ourselves and bigger than Whiteboard.”

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“It’s special to be able to work with clients who are actively trying to be better, do better, and serve better.”

Grace Gorst
Whiteboard, Marketing Specialist

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