Sharing a culinary awakening.

When we met Nate Hybl near the end of 2017, he began the conversation with a vision for identity, a sense of self, and a vivid passion for inspiring that awakening in others.


“Today is life - the only life you are sure of... Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake...
Live today with gusto.” —Andrew Carnegie

Nate and his team came to us with more than a restaurant; the Spirit of Gusto is a manifesto of awakenings and human value. Armed with this vision, we began dreaming up a web & media strategy as cheerful and sun-soaked as gusto! itself.

Together with the gusto! team, we identified 3 key goals: bring the food so close you could practically taste it, communicate the sophistication of the gusto! brand without a hint of pretense, and above all, make every interaction with gusto on the web a delight—simple, clear, and fun.

We did this through an in-depth approach to photography (both of the deconstructed ingredients & their final form), a bright, classically minimal design approach (“the fundamentals of a no.2 pencil” and a great deal of Helvetica), and a mobile-focused, performant user experience built on Wordpress. Three cheers to a culinary awakening.

Live today with gusto—and the next time you’re in Atlanta, Georgia, we highly recommend tasting a little 🥗 too. →


“From the beginning, we were inspired by Nate’s vision—an invitation to those afraid of new experiences to try something new, to set aside their fear of novelty and taste just how exciting food can be. Excellent, but approachable. Massimo Vignelli in blue jeans.”

Kody Dahl
Director of Design

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