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War Rooms

a place where battles are planned & strategy is defined

Whiteboard War Rooms are focused, dedicated intensives that help you and your team bridge the gap between vision, strategy, and execution.

Organized as single or multi-day sessions for small teams, our War Rooms are facilitated by our most experienced leaders and are designed to foster ideation, exploration, and collaboration for your team.

Featured War Rooms

Digital Marketing 101

Digital marketing and traditional marketing share the same fundamental objective: identifying a target audience and their needs, connecting the audience to products that fill those needs, and convincing the audience to follow through with the purchase.

We'll help you understand the dynamics of marketing and engagement in the virtual world and equip you to develop and execute an effective digital marketing strategy.

Leading Digital Transformation

Culture has changed. Only the organizations that have a digital-first mindset will continue to exist and make a difference in the world. If your organization doesn't have an effective strategy for digital transformation, you are unlikely to remain relevant, keep your audience engaged, and ultimately accomplish your mission.

Whiteboard founders Taylor Jones and Eric Brown will help you build an effective digital transformation strategy for your organization so you can see your mission come to life.

Building an Effective Marketing Message

The clarity of your message is directly related to the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Developing a brandscript is one of the best ways to build or revamp your marketing message and make sure it converts. In our Brandscript War Room, you'll be confronted with insightful questions about your customers, your role as their guide, and how you plan to drive them to engage your product or offering.

Ultimately, you'll get a comprehensive marketing message plan that you can act on immediately.

Developing Effective Digital Project RFPs

Let's face it: everyone hates RFPs. The drafters and the respondents. Why? Because most RFPs, especially for digital projects, are developed by managers and leaders who aren't experts in the field. Agencies often have to scope and pitch based on a half-baked strategy that they don't agree with in the first place. But because it's the only way to respond, there's no other choice. How is that efficient?

If your organization is bound to the RFP model for project sourcing, our leaders will help you drive better outcomes and greater resource utilization by developing an RFP that includes criteria that will be well understood by the agencies you invite to participate.

In our Effective Digital RFP War Room, we'll help you become the dream client your digital agencies have always hoped for.

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