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We are a creative agency devoted to purposeful ventures. We are led by our desire to produce great work and our love for life, people, and possibilities.

We work with individuals that create solutions, celebrate entrepreneurship, stand for justice, and believe in the progress of common good.

Who We

Enlightened Entrepreneurs

For more than profit.

Organizations that have a conscience; the notion that doing right by others outweighs the bottom line.

Faith Communities

Movements of faith, hope & love.

Believers who move through grace and search for every avenue to spread the love of Jesus Christ.

Heroes & Heroines

We love do-gooders.

People who live in the trenches, bend their backs, raise funds, and dirty their hands with the problems of others.

Scholars & Educators

Learning in all its forms.

Leaders that see possibilities within every person, and nurture that potential towards progress and solutions.

David Waldo
Executive Director,
The Waterfront Center.
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Andre Dantzler, SociallyU
President, SociallyU

Leading breakthroughs in social learning technology.

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Lindsay Cutshall
Serving Orphans Worldwide

Helping orphans around the world find protection, shelter, and sustainability.

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Gary Marx
CEO, Piedmont National Co.

On leading one of the nation's largest packaging supply companies.

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Fred Garmon
Executive Director,
People for Care & Learning

Eradicating hopeless in our generation.

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Dean Sikes
Executive Director, YouMatter

Eradicating hopeless in our generation.

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Nick Macco

Making sure your memories matter, forever.

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Chris Garmon
President, Regenerate Music Co.

Innovating the music industry, one artist at a time.

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Our Pathway

Whiteboards are symbols of dreams that could be - but are not yet realized. A blank canvas with endless possibilities. They are a constant reminder that plans can be made, erased, and tried again. Whiteboards believe in tomorrow - the responsibility to act is in our hands.


Every project begins with a round of research and discovery. We dig through the values, strategy, and organizational culture that make you unique. Filtering through best practices, case studies, and product research, we build a baseline of knowledge regarding your niche, and establish a case for what’s possible.


Without a platform - a foundation from which you can market and communicate - you won't make it in the age of "look who's talking now". Creating a great product or providing a flawless service is no longer enough. From the first greeting to the final launch, our goal is to develop the platform necessary to build your brand and grow your organization.


Our aim is to be an indispensible asset to your organization over the lifetime of your brand. We develop on-going campaigns based on cultural trends and current technology. Words like momentum, objective, and engagement will lead our time together as we usher in new solutions and profitable opportunities.

Featured Work

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  • Audience
  • Narrative
  • Identity
  • Platform
  • Messaging


  • User Experience
  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • Development
  • Management


  • Campaigns
  • Engagement
  • Expansion
  • Analytics
Vision is defined by a preferred future, an assessment of what is, and a clear picture of what ought to be. We admire those who look past limitations and imagine new possibilities, stand in opposition to the world today, and create better tomorrows.

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