Outdoor stewardship through specialty retail

Rock/Creek has been in the business of trail-blazing since 1987, both in the wild spaces of Chattanooga, TN and in outdoor retail. In late 2017*, the R/C team approached Whiteboard to elevate their online experience.


As we lower the barriers to entry for outdoor activity, the rising tide of outdoor recreation lifts everyone. Rock/Creek believes that the Southeast’s wild spaces deserve to be celebrated and protected, and in that effort has donated over 1 million dollars to local conservation organizations over its thirty-year tenure.

The R/C Marketing Team, led by Director Jacob Wuertz, approached Whiteboard looking to re-invigorate their eCommerce platform and define clearer pathways to the blog platform. We began re-mapping the navigation, refreshing the site’s visuals to align with brand standards, and elevating the mission of Rock/Creek.

The results were clear: with this new platform, Rock/Creek saw an immediate 150% lift on eCommerce conversion. After this launch, the Marketing team implemented a paid ad campaign resulting in 6% of blog click-throughs ending in a related purchase.




Conversion Rate Increase


From 1.6 to 4

Pages per session



Conversion Rate using new landing pages

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