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Tailored Workshops on Bridging the Gap Between Branding & Digital Experience


Empowers organizations to leverage their vision, brand, and marketing to create powerful digital experiences.

Whiteboard has spent six years creating digital experiences for brands and individuals. Now, we are offering structured workshops—Sessions—to share the research, experience, and imagination that drives our team.

Engage our founders, designers, developers, and marketing strategists over the course of a half-day or full-day Session, as we look for opportunities to ignite your organization.

Starting Spring 2016, Whiteboard will offer five different courses: Vision & Opportunities, Brand(ing), Audience & Donor Development, Ignite Marketing & Growth, and UX & Design. Our team members will facilitate activities and engage participants with questions and scenarios making each subject approachable, educational, and fun.


Whiteboard's Director of Brand Strategy, Ross Hagan, has led a number of rebranding efforts alongside our team of designers and strategists.

"For a healthy brand, it’s important to cultivate an atmosphere of learning. You have to take the time to ask difficult questions about your brand and your audience. How do people perceive our work? How do we sound when we try to move products? Do we have a consistent voice from our digital experience to our face-to-face interactions? The moment you quit looking for opportunities to understand who your brand is and what you're about, you might as well hang up your cleats and wish your competitors the best of luck."

Our Team

Whiteboard is home to a cast of award-winning professionals. As a diverse collection of talents, this team will come alongside your brand and implement their skills and strategies on the way to meeting your objectives.

Well-Worn Path

To do something well you have to put in the time. At Whiteboard, we've established a 'well-worn path' that has allowed us to launch 200+ web experiences over the years and launch or relaunch over three dozen brands. Using design thinking as a catalyst and story as a sense-making device, we can walk with you down the road to success.

The Scenic City

Chattanooga has been spotlighted for the rebirth of its downtown and our community’s attitude toward entrepreneurs and creatives. Your Session will take place in the heart of this city in the newly renovated Innovation District.

What Now?

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