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Insight 24 | February 16, 2017
Make It Last
by Nick Morrison

Last year, I did several small personal challenges and worked on forming new habits to create more structure in my life. These challenges didn’t always have a clear expected outcome, but to me it was exciting to challenge my own determination and self-control. But I did find that some of these did last. So I started to think about why.

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Insight 22 | January 23, 2017
Black Dot Focus – Overcoming the Three Causes of Error
by Nick Davidson

Mrs. Ploger’s favorite analogy for dealing with Reaction, Anticipation, and Looking Back is that of the coach and swimmer. In practice, the coach can walk along the pool yelling at the swimmer, or could even be in the pool guiding and correcting, but when it comes time to do the thing, the coach has to get out of the water and onto the sidelines, and the swimmer has to trust her training, trust her preparation, and Just Do It™.

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Insight 21 | January 23, 2017
What Do You See?
by Eric Brown

Learning to see is life’s journey. There’s almost always a new way to look at something or a question to be considered. Whether it be taking an unconventional path or evaluating an everyday routine; how you find perspective is critical to the choices you make. Because choosing your perspective is ultimately how you live your life.

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Insight 19 | October 27, 2016
Making Oxygen Choices
by Nick Blackmon

Due to the thinness of air at higher elevations high alpine mountaineers have to make decisions with the recognition of the trade off of each. Oxygen choices. How will my breath be spent? Each movement must be considered, nothing can be wasted. Even with an oxygen canister attached to a mask, there is still only a limited supply. Just as mountaineers have to make deliberate choices regarding oxygen, so we must make deliberate decisions about how we will use our time.

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Insight 18 | October 12, 2016
Seeking Authentic Inspiration
by Russ Pate

How can we consistently solve problems in new and innovative ways? How can we avoid becoming too repetitive in the solutions that we propose? What are acceptable methods and aspects of repurpose? Your mind and your memory are your greatest asset.

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Insight 17 | September 26, 2016
On Whimsy
by Alex Nichols

Whimsy is an interesting word. It evokes notions of wonder, spontaneity, and childhood. Yet most would never consider whimsy a way of life, or even worth much value in and of itself. However, further exploration shows whimsy to be a wonderful catalyst to joy and fulfillment. It can exist within the extraordinary, and the routine of everyday life.

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Insight 08 | April 11, 2016
Whatever It Takes
by Mackenzie Hill

Everyone here has heard this in their time working at whiteboard. It’s on mugs, stickers, and frequently thrown in Slack. I want to talk about “Whatever It Takes” and how it plays into our everyday lives here at Whiteboard. I asked a couple people what this meant to them working here, and this is what they said.

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