Building the proof of concept for the future of online learning.
An interactive learning platform designed for learning full circle. Understory will help you take your story and get it in the hands of the people you work with.

How can we change the way you learn online?

Understory sought to bring the small group learning model from the physical world into the digital space. Drawing inspiration from the spirit of collaborative learning and teaching, they worked to reimagine a free and open learning environment where every individual had a voice.

The Process

How can we synthesize their vision into a digital platform?

Our team at Whiteboard collaborated closely with the team at Understory to walk through their vision for the future of education online. We helped define the user experience and product strategy as we worked on the responsive web and mobile platforms.

Pattern Library

How do you build a flexible and maintainable product in a responsive environment?

We designed and built a vast collection of modular user interface components that would be repeated across both mobile and web platforms too ensure that the Understory platform was consistent and easily maintainable. The creation of the pattern library allowed us to establish a consistent design language for the platform that could be carried forward by their in-house product team.

We would not be here without Whiteboard. They conceived of and built a great user experience and they contributed to the expansion of our product strategy and ideas that truly added value to our solution. Because of our partnership, we were able to secure our first dozen customers, sign our first partner, and complete a successful Series A round of funding.
Steve Benfield

President & COO

How do you create surprise and delight with a user interface?

From animations to microcopy, we found ways to create surprise, demonstrate features, and engage users throughout the platform. These interactions improved the learner and teacher's connection with the product and made Understory fun to use.

We started with a dream and ended with a great product. We worked with Taylor Jones and his team for over two years. They are smart, savvy, collaborative and, best of all, we became wonderful friends. They not only "do what it takes" but the team continually looks for doors they can open or ways they can serve you. When we had to take development in house, they could not have more accommodating. So many contractors today seem to do what they want to do and when they want to do it. Whiteboard is in a class of their own!
Jack Alexander

Founder & Chairman
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