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Case Study: Q Ideas
Advance the Common Good
About Q Ideas
How can good questions influence good thought and ultimately the common good? This question is the essence of Q, a learning community that mobilizes Christians to advance the common good in society.

Q was created as a place where church and cultural leaders could come together to collaborate and explore ideas about how the Gospel can be expressed within our cultural context. Over the past nine years, Q has curated thousands of resources represented in questions, videos, articles, and podcasts.
Our Directive

The leaders at Q asked our team, “How can we provide an authentic Q experience online, securing the pathway between an attendee-filled auditorium and communities of all shapes and sizes across the world?” They recognized the need to showcase their vast library of videos, essays, and articles. And the pride they took in their live event production was also a non-negotiable.

The experience of Q’s events needed to be authentically emulated on a user’s screen, regardless of size or internet connection. And of course, they wanted new users to find the Q community and attend a Q event.

01 Web Strategy

Q tasked Whiteboard with building a new web experience and strategy for their website. Adopting a mobile-first philosophy, and with a blank canvas our teams worked together to establish a new user experience for Q’s website.

02 Web Experience

Our team led the design and development for Q’s new web experience. With thousands of articles and videos, we focused on making the content library immersive and easy to navigate, with clear next steps for Q’s users.

03 Partnership

Q needed a digital partner who their team could collaborate with and whom would bring brand objectives to life on the web. Since 2013, Whiteboard has been Q’s ongoing partner for web design and development for updates and for new initiatives.

Why Whiteboard?
"At Q we are dedicated to our mission of collaboration and exploration and we put a premium on our users’ experience. It was important for us to find a partner who would come alongside us, embrace our mission, and keep us accountable to digital trends. Whiteboard has followed through on each of these objectives and continues to support our team and cast a vision for Q’s digital experience."

Gabe Lyons

Founder, Q Ideas
01 Strategy

According to what the leaders at Q were asking of us, we knew that a robust strategy was necessary to make sense of the machine our developers would be building, not for the sake of marketing but to provide a consistent and healthy user experience.

And so, we began the process of developing a web strategy with the construction of Information Architecture (IA) according to Q’s current and projected content assets. Beginning with a mobile experience at front of mind, we sketched and presented a number of site maps.

We took great pains to parallel good IA on all screens, both large and small, checking each for fluidity and their ability to guide users to their desired outcome. Finally, we took Q’s large social network into account, making sure to provide simple pathways for sharing and audience involvement through this new web experience.

"Q is the epitome…of sophistication and orthodoxy."

The New York Times

02 Experience

The design was led by Chief Creative Officer, Eric Brown, who made a point of the team to attending live Q events to ensure the essence of Q was captured and projected throughout the design process.

This caused our team to pay special attention to “space”, operating with the conviction that Q’s design profile had developed due to Gabe Lyons’s eye for historically significant, and often “sacred” venues for events.

Eric’s recognition of this outlier was significant in the final product, realizing, “When you walk into Q, you feel a ‘certain air’ to the room. It reminds you of entering a large arena after months of waiting to hear your favorite band perform. It is both surreal and actual.”

A healthy balance between utility and experience was vital in the design of Qideas.org; considering Q’s role as a large content platform, while capturing the feeling of being in the room at a Q event was a challenge that our design team emphasized throughout the process. We mocked up a range of different systems of typography and layout, using Q’s existing article and video content to get a sense of how our designs would perform in action on the web. It was vital for the strength of Q’s brand and user experience that the platform we built be flexible to their needs, but consistent in its aesthetic and legibility.

These considerations were foundational in the final design for Qideas.org. The design aspect of this project was especially fulfilling due to the relationships that have developed between our teams as we have labored together to get this right.

03 Partnership

“When working with an organization like Q, the focus can never falter from community experience and healthy connections between brand and user. It is not enough for the visual communication and experience to be high impact, it must also be seamless in design integrity and implementation.

This need is constant, but brand strategy cannot singularly drive revenue and other business needs. This is why our Growth Team is crucial, so that we might attack each problem pragmatically. Discussing the word limit of an email or studying goal tracking on a call-to-action may not be as exciting as branding conversations, but these are small details that lead to sales.

Final Thoughts

Q was created as a place where church and cultural leaders could come together to collaborate and explore ideas about how the Gospel can be expressed within our cultural context. Q is bold in this exploration and requires a similarly gutsy approach to marry their brand and digital experience with world-class events and resources.

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