Democratizing philanthropy, one need at a time.
Purposity is a web and mobile application that finds needs in your local community.
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The Vision

Where can one to go help out their community?

Would you help if a student in your child's class needed shoes or a family lost their home in a fire? We think so. Get one weekly text, read their story, and meet the need right from your phone.

The Brand

Establishing a consistent and unique visual identity

The Purposity brand was built from the ground up with the idea of local community efforts at the center. The folded 'P' logomark draws inspiration from a location pin and became the primary symbol for Purposity across all platforms.

The Experience

Maintaining a flexible system as the platform continues to grow

Purposity was designed and developed with a focus on component-based iterative design. Following a sprint week model, we worked directly with their team to build the most important features first and begin testing the application with real users and start meeting real needs.

Whiteboard not only has the technical knowledge to guide us through building our vision, their ideology so closely aligns with ours that they have become a seamless extension of our team.
Blake Canterbury

Founder, Purposity
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