Aegle Gear

Medical gear with an athletic mindset.
Aegle Gear, a healthcare apparel company, is out to change the mindset of healthcare institutions and healthcare workers when choosing their uniforms.
The Vision

How can the innovation of athletic apparel shape the healthcare industry?

Doctors, nurses, and medical professions are all too familiar with the calamities of the traditional scrub. Aegle Gear is a raising the standard to meet the demands of the modern healthcare worker. Drawing upon their experience of designing gear to help athletes perform in a myriad of environments while maintaining comfort and style, they're now focusing on healthcare, hoping to outfit those that care for others with gear that matters.

The Plan

The pursuit of form and function; performance and protection.

Aegle Gear creates healthcare performance apparel that is functional and beautiful, antimicrobial and fluid resistant. Utilizing best practices of high-end apparel, Aegle Gear has created a line of products for medical professionals to feel comfortable, clean, and healthy. In 2016, Aegle Gear tapped Whiteboard to lead the buildout of their visual language and online presence.

The Process

Balancing show and tell.

Our strategy was not only to make a strong first impression for Aegle Gear, but to make product features shine throughout the website. Our goal was to quickly showcase all features of Aegle Gear products to online consumers and provide an efficient checkout experience.

Aegle Gear's desktop to mobile experience is seamless. We utilized Shopify's API to make for ease-of-use transactions for customers.


Whiteboard continues to serve Aegle Gear in brand and marketing strategy.

From continued website improvements to email marketing; our team continues to create and implement daily marketing activities alongside Aegle Gear stakeholders.

"...Whiteboard has guided us through our cyber journey with confidence and adept knowledge of our industry. Working with Whiteboard over the last year has been like working with our own staff; educated, on time, & passionate."
George Brown

President & CEO, Aegle Gear
Aegle Gear Goes Viral

4M views, 24K shares, 204 new users on site each minute.

Aegle Gear got 4M views after a customer shared a review of Aegle Gear's scrubs and posted a short video demonstrating how fluid-resistant they are.

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