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Whiteboard turns 5 years old

When I was twenty-three years old, my best friend and I started our first company: Whiteboard.

I use “first company,” because, while I had high hopes for our creative start-up, it was after all – a creative start-up. Taylor and I were dreamers and borderline crazy, but we weren’t naive. On the heels of an economic mudslide we were launching a design and development firm built on relationships with non-profit and church leaders. Okay, we were naive.

But five years and a handful of months later we are still here.

Today’s routine is much different than those first days at my kitchen table. I walk into the office alongside sixteen other professionals. Since 2010, we’ve launched 150+ web experiences for organizations of all shapes and sizes, but our focus remains the same. We stand beside people with bold vision and empower them to lead meaningful brands so tomorrow, the world is better than it is today.

Five years later, I guess we’re still a little naive.



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