Whiteboard announces workshops, Whiteboard Sessions | Whiteboard

Whiteboard announces workshops, Whiteboard Sessions

In 2016, Whiteboard will begin offering tailored workshops to benefit brand managers, marketing departments, technology teams, and executive leadership. They’ve named their new offering, Whiteboard Sessions.

Sessions is led by Whiteboard’s Director of Brand Strategy, Ross Hagan, and members of Whiteboard’s award-winning design and development teams. Their team has launched national rebranding campaigns, designed information architecture for hundreds of digital experiences, and helped executive leadership teams clarify vision, purpose, and brand values.

What makes Sessions unique? Hagan said, “Take a moment and listen to the conversation surrounding branding. What do you hear? The books, articles, and videos are helpful (some are fantastic), but they are missing a core piece of the puzzle necessary to help you build your organization. ‘You and your team.”

For more information on Whiteboard Sessions visit their website: http://whiteboard.is/sessions


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