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Insight 08 | April 11, 2016

Whatever It Takes

by Mackenzie Hill

Everyone here on our team has heard this in their time working at Whiteboard. It’s on mugs, stickers, and frequently thrown in Slack. Some of you when you hear this this mantra – you get pumped up. You feel empowered. There’s a spark of passion and drive that ignites deep down inside you to take on whatever the day has to bring.

Others of you when you hear this it might cause you stress or uncertainty. Whatever It Takes!? but what about process and this other project I have to get done. Does this mean I have to stay till midnight every night?

Instead of saying this mantra because it’s cool, I want to dissect what it really means to us individually, how we work, and our culture here at Whiteboard.

Key Messages


We Value Relationships


We Are Gritty


We Are Innovative


We Are The Solution


"Whatever It Takes"
Final Thoughts

We do this because we bring our clients dreams to fruition. Whatever it takes doesn’t mean saying yes to everything. It doesn’t mean not seeing your family It doesn’t mean working 80+ hour weeks.

It’s putting relationships first – make it meaningful.

It’s having the grit to create something out of nothing – make it awesome.

It’s finding the best possible solution to sustain lasting brands – make it last.

Whatever it takes is uncomfortable. We are creating new things every dayIt’s not always fun, but it’s exciting because we are setting personal benchmarks and together, we make the impossible, possible.

Project Leader

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