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Insight 19 | October 27, 2016
Making Oxygen Choices
by Nick Blackmon

Due to the thinness of air at higher elevations high alpine mountaineers have to make decisions with the recognition of the trade off of each. Oxygen choices. How will my breath be spent? Each movement must be considered, nothing can be wasted. Even with an oxygen canister attached to a mask, there is still only a limited supply. Just as mountaineers have to make deliberate choices regarding oxygen, so we must make deliberate decisions about how we will use our time.

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Insight 18 | October 12, 2016
Seeking Authentic Inspiration
by Russ Pate

How can we consistently solve problems in new and innovative ways? How can we avoid becoming too repetitive in the solutions that we propose? What are acceptable methods and aspects of repurpose? Your mind and your memory are your greatest asset.

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Insight 17 | September 26, 2016
On Whimsy
by Alex Nichols

Whimsy is an interesting word. It evokes notions of wonder, spontaneity, and childhood. Yet most would never consider whimsy a way of life, or even worth much value in and of itself. However, further exploration shows whimsy to be a wonderful catalyst to joy and fulfillment. It can exist within the extraordinary, and the routine of everyday life.

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Insight 08 | April 11, 2016
Whatever It Takes
by Mackenzie Hill

Everyone here has heard this in their time working at whiteboard. It’s on mugs, stickers, and frequently thrown in Slack. I want to talk about “Whatever It Takes” and how it plays into our everyday lives here at Whiteboard. I asked a couple people what this meant to them working here, and this is what they said.

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Insight 07 | February 28, 2016
Practice Sustains Passion
by Nick Blackmon

What we practice, forms us. Much like liturgy, which is the ebb and flow of a religious ritual, so the liturgy of our work shapes our affections, molds our minds, and sustains our love for our craft. We practice, not for the sake of practice itself, but for the sake of our passion, that it might be sustained and strengthened through the ebb and flow of work and grind.

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Insight 06 | February 22, 2016
Problem Solving with Empathy and Authority
by Nick Morrison

If the solution to the problem, in your eyes, makes the most sense, then approach it with authority and empathy. Be sure to recognize and interpret where the clients are coming from but do not forget to acknowledge the educated and informed decisions that have been made up to this point.

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Insight 05 | February 08, 2016
Music and Mind
by Nick Davidson

Most of you know that I come from a background in music. But only few of you know that I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I’ve known since I was really young that I have OCD, when I refused to tie my shoes because I couldn’t get the tightness symmetrical or when I was sent to school with a tub of lotion because my hands were so raw from washing. It’s been an interesting journey for sure. Cool enough and luckily, since performance is a hugely mental activity, I’ve found many ideas in my music studies to be broadly applicable to everyday life and mental health.

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Insight 04 | January 11, 2016
Bold Vision
by Eric Brown

Bold is defined as taking risks, being confident and courageous—often used to define gold medalists, battle heroes, and other individuals who stand above the rest. Every new year comes with a myriad of discussion and self-help tips on how to create bold vision for yourself. In the world of branding and marketing we can’t discuss bold vision without defining what [brand] vision is.

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Insight 03 | December 15, 2015
Never Grow Up
by Nick Blackmon

Stories have a way of conveying truth on a level that is so intuitive that it feels like remembering, rather than learning. Fairy tales tend to do this, but in an even more honest, and authentic way. It is far harder to trick children, unless you first make them grow up, forgetting the things they were born knowing.

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