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Developer Tea Receives 3,000,000th Download

Developer Tea, a podcast for developers designed to fit inside a tea break, received it’s 3,000,000th download.


Chattanooga-based creator and host, Jonathan Cutrell said, “I’m proud of the show, and I’m honored to see it pass this milestone. It’s a whirlwind, how quickly the show has grown, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months.”

Developer Tea was launched in January 2015 and has been featured on the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes, Product Hunt, Paste Magazine, and many more. It was also nominated as Podcast of the Year by the Net Awards, run by Net Magazine. Notable interviews the podcast has featured include Adobe VP of Products-Community and Behance CEO Scott Belsky, Buzzfeed VP of Design Cap Watkins, tech author Scott Jehl, and numerous developers from companies like Etsy and Netflix.

“Developer Tea wasn’t some master plan of an idea cooked up by a big team of media elite. It was just one of many ideas that I chose to take a bet on. I’m thankful that it has resonated with such a large community of developers,” said Jonathan. “We’re looking at data reports that are showing people all around the world listening to this show in 181 different countries – A show I’m making sitting in my home office in Chattanooga. It’s a surreal and humbling feeling.”

With the podcast’s critical acclaim, Cutrell teamed up with Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin, hosts of the graphic design podcast “Design Details”, to create Spec Network, a resource to help designers and developers learn, find great resources and connect with one another.

Podcasting is on the rise. In November 2014, NPR reported that Apple’s iTunes has 1 billion subscribers, and advertisers are seeing revenue. Millions of people are downloading and listening to podcasts. Bestselling author, Seth Godin, said “Radio is about to fall off a cliff. And that audience is just waiting for you to create something worth listening to.”

Along with leading Developer Tea, Jonathan Cutrell is Director of Technology at Whiteboard, an award-winning interactive design and development firm where he leads thedevelopment team. He writes for Tuts+ ( and is a speaker.

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Developer Tea is a podcast for web and software developers hosted by a developer that you can listen to in less than 10 minutes. The show will cover a wide variety of topics related to the career of being a developer. We hope you'll take the topics from this podcast and continue the conversation, either online or in person with your peers. The show is hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, Director of Technology at Whiteboard and the author of Hacking the Impossible, a developer's guide to working with visionaries.

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