CreativeMornings is set to launch in Chattanooga

The international lecture series CreativeMornings is set to launch in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The organization, originating out of New York City in 2008, was founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg. Her desire was to create a free, ongoing event for creatives, entrepreneurs, students, and artists to connect one Friday morning a month. Now, there are over 140 participating chapters spanning the globe.

Chattanooga host and the Director of Design at Whiteboard Kody Dahl, along with a dedicated team, has been planning the first event which is set to take place on May 27, 2016 at The Edney.

“When I arrived here last summer, I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a CreativeMornings Chapter. I’ve rallied my colleagues and other community leaders to form a team to produce CreativeMornings here in our city. Our community is full of talented and capable people who know how to pull off great events,” Kody said.

Their team received support from local leaders at EPB, Causeway, Widgets & Stone, Lamp Post Group, Southtree, Society of Work, 26 Tools, The Camp House, and more.

On May 27th, Creator of DeveloperTea, Jonathan Cutrell, will be the inaugural presenter at CreativeMornings Chattanooga to speak on the global theme: Reality.

Tickets are free, but will be limited. To reserve a spot at the first lecture, make sure to register at

Twitter: chattanooga_cm
Instagram: @chattanooga_cm

Whiteboard Moves to Innovation District

Whiteboard is kicking off 2016 with a new presence in Chattanooga and online. The firm, five years old this past October, moved into the Innovation District at 701 Cherry Street on Monday, January 4th.


“The space at 701 is a game changer for our firm,” said Chief Creative Officer Eric Brown. “Our team has grown from six to sixteen over the past eighteen months, and we are bringing more and more of our clients to Chattanooga. While the extra square footage is nice, it’s the design of the space that has us excited.”

The office at 701 Cherry Street is designed for creative collaboration and community gatherings. Composed of a large commons area, a War Room with floor to ceiling writing spaces, conference room, library, a publication styled ‘bullpen,’ and executive enclave, the office will serve as an extension of the firm’s creativity.

To celebrate the move and the maturation of the firm Whiteboard is releasing a new web presence this month. The design of the site has been kept a secret until its expected release later this month.

“We felt it was important to commemorate 701 with a new web experience,” said Chief Executive Officer Taylor Jones. “We are an interactive firm after all and we are excited to share an expression of our creativity and talent through our own site. As can be seen from our last two sites, Chattanooga will be well represented.”

The new office and the new site mark an exciting moment in the firm’s short history.


Whiteboard announces workshops, Whiteboard Sessions

In 2016, Whiteboard will begin offering tailored workshops to benefit brand managers, marketing departments, technology teams, and executive leadership. They’ve named their new offering, Whiteboard Sessions.

Sessions is led by Whiteboard’s Director of Brand Strategy, Ross Hagan, and members of Whiteboard’s award-winning design and development teams. Their team has launched national rebranding campaigns, designed information architecture for hundreds of digital experiences, and helped executive leadership teams clarify vision, purpose, and brand values.

What makes Sessions unique? Hagan said, “Take a moment and listen to the conversation surrounding branding. What do you hear? The books, articles, and videos are helpful (some are fantastic), but they are missing a core piece of the puzzle necessary to help you build your organization. ‘You and your team.”

For more information on Whiteboard Sessions visit their website:


Whiteboard curates On the Grid: Chattanooga

On the Grid is a curated online guide featuring hundreds of cities and neighborhoods around the world. The project was launched in April 2015 by Hyperakt, a design agency based in Brooklyn, New York.

“We want to cover every awesome place in every creative neighborhood in the world. Think, wikipedia for cool places curated by designers”, said Hyperakt Principal and Creative Director, Deroy Plaza.

In August 2015, Whiteboard was selected as Chattanooga’s Ambassador and led the curation of 20+ places to visit. The guide recommends places such as: The Camp House, L2 Outside, Bitter Alibi, Farmer’s Daughter, and many more.

Whiteboard’s Director of Design, Kody Dahl said “On the Grid is a meaningful way for our team to express it’s love for Chattanooga.”

The good news: On the Grid isn’t a finished project. Whiteboard will continue to publish places to visit on the website.

Dahl continued: “There’s too many cool places to showcase in Chattanooga. We’re just getting started.”

For more information about On The Grid and see Chattanooga’s guide visit the website:

Whiteboard turns 5 years old

When I was twenty-three years old, my best friend and I started our first company: Whiteboard.

I use “first company,” because, while I had high hopes for our creative start-up, it was after all – a creative start-up. Taylor and I were dreamers and borderline crazy, but we weren’t naive. On the heels of an economic mudslide we were launching a design and development firm built on relationships with non-profit and church leaders. Okay, we were naive.

But five years and a handful of months later we are still here.

Today’s routine is much different than those first days at my kitchen table. I walk into the office alongside sixteen other professionals. Since 2010, we’ve launched 150+ web experiences for organizations of all shapes and sizes, but our focus remains the same. We stand beside people with bold vision and empower them to lead meaningful brands so tomorrow, the world is better than it is today.

Five years later, I guess we’re still a little naive.



Taylor Jones and Eric Brown speak at Story Conference

Whiteboard founders, Taylor Jones and Eric Brown, will speak at STORY in Nashville, Tennessee on October 1, 2015. STORY is a two-conference for creatives from all over the country. Each year, the conference features talks by some of the top creative experts in the world, inspiring performances by groundbreaking artists, invaluable connections and unforgettable moments of surprise and delight. The event draws over 1,000 attendees to the annual event.

Co-founder and CVO of Whiteboard, Eric Brown, said, “We’re excited to participate in STORY this year. It’s given Taylor and I the time to develop a talk that we’ve conversed about for a long time.”

Whiteboard founders plan to speak on the opportunities and consequences screens give our society.

For more information about Story Nashville visit the website:


Developer Tea Receives 3,000,000th Download

Developer Tea, a podcast for developers designed to fit inside a tea break, received it’s 3,000,000th download.


Chattanooga-based creator and host, Jonathan Cutrell said, “I’m proud of the show, and I’m honored to see it pass this milestone. It’s a whirlwind, how quickly the show has grown, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months.”

Developer Tea was launched in January 2015 and has been featured on the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes, Product Hunt, Paste Magazine, and many more. It was also nominated as Podcast of the Year by the Net Awards, run by Net Magazine. Notable interviews the podcast has featured include Adobe VP of Products-Community and Behance CEO Scott Belsky, Buzzfeed VP of Design Cap Watkins, tech author Scott Jehl, and numerous developers from companies like Etsy and Netflix.

“Developer Tea wasn’t some master plan of an idea cooked up by a big team of media elite. It was just one of many ideas that I chose to take a bet on. I’m thankful that it has resonated with such a large community of developers,” said Jonathan. “We’re looking at data reports that are showing people all around the world listening to this show in 181 different countries – A show I’m making sitting in my home office in Chattanooga. It’s a surreal and humbling feeling.”

With the podcast’s critical acclaim, Cutrell teamed up with Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin, hosts of the graphic design podcast “Design Details”, to create Spec Network, a resource to help designers and developers learn, find great resources and connect with one another.

Podcasting is on the rise. In November 2014, NPR reported that Apple’s iTunes has 1 billion subscribers, and advertisers are seeing revenue. Millions of people are downloading and listening to podcasts. Bestselling author, Seth Godin, said “Radio is about to fall off a cliff. And that audience is just waiting for you to create something worth listening to.”

Along with leading Developer Tea, Jonathan Cutrell is Director of Technology at Whiteboard, an award-winning interactive design and development firm where he leads thedevelopment team. He writes for Tuts+ ( and is a speaker.