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Case Study: WinShape Camps
The Summer of a Lifetime
The Vision
WinShape Camps's previous site was becoming hard for users to access the content because it was buried across a multitude of pages. The true experience of Winshape Camps wasn't portrayed or demonstrated for parents or visitors in the past site experience.

This was our challenge. We had to find a way to make their content clear, accessible, and feel like 'summer of a lifetime.'
01 Web Design

Our designers set out with the understanding that this site had to be an award-winning site, making this a particularly exciting project because nothing was out of question or budget. Imagination ran wild.

02 Web Development

Similar to our design team, our developers had free reign to create a robust, interactive web experience, while also solving the problem of combining three distinct camps into one domain.

03 Partnership

Amidst the tall order of designing and developing an award-winning website, brand strategy and positioning had to be considered, for how this web experience could be connected with long-term growth goals for Winshape Camps.

Why Whiteboard?
"From the initial kickoff to website launch, the Whiteboard team was incredible – taking our ideas and elevating them to a place that we could not have even imagined. The results we have seen are unbelievable. The parents who use our site not only love the engaging content, but find it super easy to navigate. Our whole team is extremely proud to direct existing and potential new customers to our award-winning website!"

Lee Hogan

Marketing Manager, Winshape Camps
Final Thoughts
Our working relationship with Brand Apart and Winshape Camps started with a unique position of expectation and trust. When Brand Apart initially inquired for Winshape Camps, they had a firm timeline in mind. At that time, we had to be honest and let them know that we were busy on other projects, would be unable to meet the timeline, but that we'd truly love the opportunity to work with them.

To our surprise, they came back a few weeks later and said "Whiteboard is worth the wait." This has lead to a fantastic relationship with Winshape Camps, Brand Apart, and many other affiliated organizations.
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