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Case Study: Southtree
We don't remember days. We remember moments.
Southtree's Vision
In college, needing cash to buy a first-generation iPhone, Nick Macco and Adam Boeselager started a small business. They would evolve from this humble beginning and realize their dreams as entrepreneurs and civic-minded business leaders. They began production in the garage of a small house in Tennessee, and soon after, made their first hire.

By 2013, they had thirty employees, had digitized 4,000 football fields of film, and had shipped 70 tons worth of orders. Now, driven by design-thinking and intentional system building, Southtree has become one of the largest consumer preservation operations in the country.
01 Web Design & Development

Through Southtree’s growth, our team has been at every corner, committed to navigating innovative forward progress.

02 Technology Architecture

Our team functions as a second set of eyes, watching for new possibilities to build Southtree’s reputation as the online leader of film and video preservation.

03 Partnership

Behind-the-scenes, we have led countless meetings, pushed pixels, and have made iterative decisions. As stewards, Whiteboard continues to provide creative direction to Southtree’s customer experience.


Take Their Word For It
“Whiteboard has become an irreplaceable partner for Southtree. Outside of their ever-present optimism and can-do approach that’s nearly extinct in their industry, Whiteboard delivers. They take the time to understand our objectives, work with us to find an executable approach, then deliver completed work over and over.”

Adam Boeselager

Founder, Southtree

Why do memories matter?

Adam: “Memories matter because they connect us to the past and help inform our future. Memories remind us of what is truly important in life – our relationships. Memories allow us to share funny or insightful stories on this winding road we call life. Oral histories have been passed on throughout the ages, and now we have the ability pass on photos and videos, innovations of these times. We’re humbled by the opportunity to help pass on these important legacies, even if only for a quick frame of video or a single photo that can jog a memory that may have otherwise been forgotten.”

What advice would you give to young startup companies?

Adam: “Go with your gut. Seriously. Looking back, we didn’t have nay sayers because we never asked anyone if this is what we should do. We simply stepped out. We went directly to our customers and they gave us instant feedback with their purchasing decisions. Start your idea with the minimum amount of seed investment and time. If people are purchasing, then start adding features and the wiz bang – funny thing is you’ll have revenue and employees by that time to make it happen. Start small, and watch your idea grow.”

Looking for the right solution, Whiteboard created a platform that could keep up with the pace; flexible enough to grow over time, but dependable enough to service thousands of customers a day. Working closely with Adam and Nick, we built a front end experience, optimized for fast delivery and strategically engineered towards conversions, without sacrificing the strength of Southtree’s existing brand.

From one week to the next, Southtree’s digital needs require constant re-creation and a flexible strategy to meet the changing demand.

From Scratch

Southtree’s website was a custom PHP platform, so we pushed updates live when needed. After consulting with Chattanooga’s premiere SEO firm, Delegator, Nick and Adam decided to make the move to a scaleable CMS platform, and Whiteboard jumped on board to perform a top-to-bottom transformation.

Since 2011, Whiteboard has led development on three different versions of The site continues to be spotlighted for an ease-of-use eCommerce experience. In 2013, Whiteboard integrated a series of video backgrounds into the design to enhance customer experience.

Areas Application

As Southtree’s sales grew, they needed a more efficient way to process and manage orders. We began working on a new, streamlined process and developed a proprietary application that provides real-time updates every time an order progresses. Driven by Southtree’s Control Room software and Bluetooth scanners, Areas is accessed on iPads located at every stage of Southtree’s 9,000 square foot studio.

The primary hang-up with Southtree’s order processing system was the requirement of repetitive manual input, and page switching in the company’s backend management panel. In order to streamline the process, we implemented a barcode scanning system which allows receiving, labeling, and shipping to be done much quicker than before. Barcodes that correspond with the customer’s order number are generated and placed on multiple locations, enabling them to be scanned and properly handled by the advanced, custom application we developed.


Legacybox is an innovation by Southtree which serves as a simple, beautiful, all-in-one mailing kit for preserving treasured memories stuck on analog formats. With design in hand, Whiteboard developed a simple one-page design to accommodate the product launch.

Test-Driven Web Improvements

Whiteboard is dedicated to user experience enhancements, and continue to create and improve all of Southtree web properties.

03 Partnership

Our team has been thrilled to be a part of such a thriving partnership like the one we share with Southtree. As their company has grown, Southtree has looked to us to meet a wide variety of needs when they emerge. These have taken the form of web development, design, marketing, copywriting, and ad management.

We rest assured that whatever is next for both our teams is bound to be an adventure worth taking.

In Conclusion

Whiteboard continues to serve as full-service creative partner to Southtree. We build new ways to enhance integration of Southtree’s sales channels. Our team innovates, from SysAdmin and server maintenance to a deployed site-wide caching system, which improves page load times and performance. Every step of the way Whiteboard is behind the scenes supporting Southtree’s creative team.

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