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Case Study: Serving Orphans Worldwide
Sustaining orphanages that can't sustain themselves
About Serving Orphans Worldwide
Imagine raising 65 children. You're their mother or father and it's your job to raise them all. One minute you're changing diapers and the next minute you're giving life advice to a teenager. You're providing shelter, food, and education to these children. This is their home and you love these children as your own. Not only are you responsible for providing their basic needs, you're also raising funds to keep this orphanage running.

This scenario is the essence of Serving Orphans Worldwide's work. Their organization supports over 5,000 children in 40+ orphanages around in the world. At the heart of Serving Orphans Worldwide (SOW) is the belief that every child has the right to define their own possibilities.
01 The Identity

Whiteboard was commissioned to identify core brand values and design a framework solution that encompassed those values in one, universal mark – hope, empowerment, and childlike belief.

02 Web Experience

Our team led the inaugural web experience for Serving Orphans Worldwide. The objective was to build a web experience that displays the global work SOW is leading and invite visitors to engage with the stories and mission through their finances.

03 Partnership

Since 2011, Whiteboard has been the digital partner of choice for Serving Orphans Worldwide. Every month our team works alongside SOW to establish brand objectives and iterate on the digital strategy through website and marketing initiatives.

Why Whiteboard?
In our first meeting with Whiteboard, you could sense their creative minds were already at work. Within the first 10 minutes, I felt as if they too had a burden and passion for what SOW was trying to accomplish. Over three years later, I still sense that same passion from their entire team.

Richard Baker

Lead Ambassador and Former Chief Operations Officer
01 The Identity

The concept for the logo was simple: love is given and received. We believe this phrase not only served the objectives of the Serving Orphans Worldwide brand, but addressed the heartbeat of orphan care. A hand is a three-fold sign of help, vulnerability, and rescue for both giver and recipient.

02 The Web Experience

In 2014, SOW looked to our team again to enhance their web experience in specific regard to the importance of the individual orphanages, their story, and how visitors could give directly to their level of need.

We created a design system that clarified the needs of the orphanages and empowered visitors to support through integrating Stripe to accept and streamline donations. Alongside the new web experience, SOW launched their flagship campaign Adopt An Orphanage, an initiative that allows individuals, business, and churches to give funds to a specific orphanage.


With the focus on video and photography, SOW’s Media Coordinator, Mia Baker, curated work from world-class creatives like Danny Yourd, Vinegar Hill and photographer, Jeremy Snell.

It was vital that SOW was able to continually and easily update these sites with the orphanages most current needs, therefore our team built a variety of tools that allowed for a variety of content types while still maintaining SOW brand standards.

To get a glimpse of the work SOW is leading watch the video below created by Vinegar Hill.


Final Thoughts
Serving Orphans Worldwide is made of heroes and heroines. People around the world who have embraced the role of "father" and "mother" when they didn't have to. Our team continues to be inspired by the stories coming from SOW.

Before moving onto the next case study consider taking a moment to learn about Gennadiy, a hero to the over 2,000 children he has rescued off the streets in Mariupol, Ukraine. If it weren't for the partnership of SOW the doors to his orphanage, Pilgrim Republic, would have been closed. It's fearless leaders like Gennadiy that inspire greatness in our world.
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