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Case Study: Preemptive Love Coalition
Waging Peace
Our Directive
The team at Preemptive Love Coalition reached out to us looking for a web partner that would bring a Growth Hacker mindset to their current donor development and marketing strategies, specifically, a data-first approach to strategy and execution.

They were experiencing a season of growth within their team and audience reach, and were juggling a variety of needs and objectives.
Where We Started
We decided the best way for us to be a strong partner would be to ask the right questions, and help them to find a clear path forward based on both organization and user goals.. We spent the first month of our partnership in research phase. We interviewed team members (from their Director of Operations to their development officers, designers, and senior field reporters) to ensure that everyone's needs were accounted for. We then took a long look at CRM data, web analytics, and their web platform to help determine the next step for their organization.
Email Automation

We moved PLC’s subscriber list and pertinent CRM data into MailChimp. From there we designed, built, and wrote the copy for an automated email workflow to new subscribers. The goal of this 6-email automation was to acquaint new users with the PLC brand, and nurture them into becoming first time donors over the course of their 3 weeks after subscribing.

Update: We were honored to be featured by MailChimp in an agency case study that they wrote about our work with PLC. You can read it here.

Digital Catalog and Advertising Campaign

Our web team built PLC’s first online Christmas Catalog as a custom liquid theme in Shopify, based on a design created by their designer. The catalog was complete with functionality for receiving donations, an abandoned cart message, various API integrations, and ecommerce tracking. Following the successful launch of the Christmas catalog, our team created a multi-channel advertising campaign to promote the catalog to new and existing users.

EOY Giving Advertising Campaign

As the events unfolding in Aleppo began to escalate, responding to the crisis in a greater way became the priority for PLC and by extension for our team. To assist them in gathering donations to provide for refugees of Aleppo, we launched a Facebook campaign to amplify their reach and impact.

Our Process
In all the work that we did, we kept two questions at the front of mind: "What will require the least investment and provide the greatest return?" and "How can we balance long-term and short-term needs and returns?"

This mindset is exactly what PLC needed, a partner that would deliver early and often, while building systems that allowed for scalability. We faced large looming problems, but leaned into small deliverables that would equally meet our metrics for success and improve user experience.
ROI for time and materials billed
PLC had an 8x ROI for the time and materials they were billed for the email automation our team built to convert new leads into donors.
of new leads became first time donors
Of the new leads who opted into PLC's email list, 41% of new subscibrers who had never been in their CRM became first time donors over the course of the 3 week, 6 email automation
Sales Goal
PLC's Gift Catalog significantly exceeded their sales goals for the end of year, surpassing their revenue goal by 55%, and their catalog continues to gather sales revenue for their organization.
ROI on Adspend
this number represents the return achieved in same day sales, if you increase the attribution window to weekly sales, they had an 15x ROI for ads our team created during this campaign.
Increase to Ecommerce Conversion Rate
Increase in mobile donations
Refugess Who Recieved Aid
60,000+ refugees were able to recieve for as a result of work done by our team, for perspective that’s enough people to fill the Georgia Dome.
Final Thoughts
"At Whiteboard, I am continually blown away by the rockstar organizations and individuals that we are able to partner with, but it is rare to have the opportunity to directly impact thousands of people with the greatest need through our work. Preemptive Love's team has inspired our team in so many ways and we have been honored to support them during such an impactful time for their organization."

- Nick Blackmon, Lead Growth Hacker
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