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Case Study: Legacybox
Forever, Made Simple
About Legacybox
Legacybox began as the brainchild of the founders of Southtree, a company that transforms memories stuck on analog formats into digital. After watching their business grow, Southtree sought to develop a way to remove any pain points their customers had and create a product with an experience from cart to fulfillment, that would surprise and delight their customers. Thus, Legacybox was born.
The Directive
Nick Macco and Adam Boeselager, Legacybox's founders, wanted to establish a brand with user experience and research at the front of mind. When Whiteboard was tasked with this, we knew it would require a finely tuned e-commerce platform that left no variable outside of the control of Legacybox's development and marketing teams. Furthermore, the content strategy and user flow would have to be spot on to provide such a powerful UX; there could be no redundant lines in the copy or programming.
01 Web Development

Whiteboard worked alongside Legacybox’s web and marketing teams to ensure that every need, short-term or long-term, would be built into the platform.

02 Responsive Design

Our team worked to develop an online shopping experience that would be just as delightful on desktop as on mobile. 

03 Campaign Builder

Legacybox needed the capability of running many marketing campaigns to various user groups, each with a custom tailored home page experience to match the content, objective, and promotion of each particular ad.

Why Whiteboard?
“Whiteboard has become an invaluable partner for Legacybox, and will continue to contribute to our expansion by pushing forward our digital offerings and online presence. Their development strategy and execution continues to be our secret weapon.”

Nick Macco

Co-Founder, Legacybox
01 Web Development
Whiteboard built a custom e-commerce platform for Legacybox, allowing for every user action to be tracked, analyzed, and every step in the buyer journey to be optimized. This left our team with a robust web analytics database of user data with which to tailor the journey of Legacybox’s target audiences from start to finish, resulting in a thoughtful user-centric design.

This platform was then integrated with the Areas platform we had previously designed for Legacybox's workflow, inventory, and process management. Whiteboard has had the unique opportunity to partner with Legacybox for long-term growth and provide custom and innovative solutions for the company and its customers at various stages in this growth.
02 Responsive Design
Whiteboard's design and content team recognized that the principle need of the Legacybox web experience was to remove all fear or cognitive dissonance from users before and after their purchase decision. Our team sought to do this by planning the content in such a way that would build trust and credibility rather than being gimmicky or confusing.

This web experience would need to be just as intuitive on mobile as on desktop and would need to carry the same ease of use regardless of device. This meant that Legacybox was designed with an eye on analytics data and the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule). Even though there may be an even spread between desktop and mobile users, desktop users resulted in nearly triple the amount of direct sales.

What was the result of our team's design? A cart abandonment rate 10% lower than average, or a few thousand dollars added to the top line every day.
"Legacybox is just what the doctor ordered."


03 Campaign Builder
Whiteboard developed a custom WordPress content management system that we have dubbed, "The Campaign Builder". This tool allows the marketing team at Legacybox to run any number of ad campaigns on their site as they need.

Campaigns can be custom tailored to match the promotion, objective, theme, and content of every advertisement bringing users to the site. Each campaign is also linked with a unique Email list ID so that subsequent email marketing can likewise be custom tailored for each user, making ad and email re-marketing efforts simple, allowing time for designing marketing assets and strategy.
Final Thoughts
We have had the unique opportunity of supporting a company's growth from a service to a product, building out custom technology solutions for their team along the way and providing support at each step.

Legacybox has grown tremendously since its inception and as we look towards the future of their company, we only expect even greater things.
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