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Case Study: Dalit Freedom Network
The Journey to Un-Untouchable
The Directive
Dalit Freedom Network was created as the result of a pivotal pilgrimage to New Delhi, India, in November of 2001. Thousands of Dalit “untouchables” stood up for their people, the 250 million across India who are shackled and degraded by a modern-day caste system.

A year later, Dalit Freedom Network answered that call to end the oppression of the Dalit people. Whiteboard joined the stand and crafted a web experience that married DFN's new communication strategy and brand.
01 Strategy

In collaboration with Caleb Ludwick of 26 Tools and the Widgets & Stone team, we implemented a strategy for Dalit Freedom Network’s brand awareness and donor development.

02 Messaging

Whiteboard curated marketing copy founded in the communication strategy to live on site, explaining the vision of Dalit Freedom Network and a clear path for involvement.

03 Web Experience

Whiteboard integrated Dalit Freedom Network’s new messaging strategy and logo with a compelling web experience. The goal was to create a scalable solution for their team to make updates, create campaigns, and tell the story of the Dalits in a unique way.

Why Whiteboard?
"Once again, thanks to your team for your work. It's beautiful and we're very pleased - kudos to you guys! Besides that, you’ve been a pleasure to work with and responsive to my many, many questions."

Jacque Cork

Communications Director, Dalit Freedom Network
Final Thoughts

Over and over again during this project it was said, “change won’t occur without action”. Dalit Freedom Network is leading hard, but good work. Explore their web experience and considering helping the Dalit people achieve fundamental rights through a foundation of education, healthcare, and economic empowerment.

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